How to Choose a Nonprofit Or Charity to Support

Jenny Handwerk |

How to Choose a Nonprofit Or Charity to Support



Choosing the correct charity to help is a personal decision allowing you to impact causes that share your beliefs and interests positively. With so many groups working toward different goals, adopting a deliberate approach is critical to ensure your gifts and efforts make an impact.


According to the Urban Institute, the United States has an estimated 2.3 million nonprofit organizations, so plenty of worthwhile causes exist to support. Use these four guidelines to help you become an informed donor and achieve your charitable goals.


  • Carefully consider the problem you want to focus on:


There are many vital issues in the world. However, like triage in an emergency department, we must carefully consider which issue to address first to aid successfully. While many people donate based on what they hear the most about, these are only sometimes the topics where you can have the most significant impact.


  • Research charities.


Engaging with charitable organizations is more than just a philanthropic undertaking; it's also a mutually beneficial opportunity to foster brand community. The National Council of Nonprofits reports that there are 1.3 million benevolent nonprofit organizations in the United States, so you have a lot of possibilities. Consider the topics you are most enthusiastic about and the issues your customers or clients care about the most. What kind of organization would they gather behind. Identify causes related to your company's products or services and charities striving to bring about change in those areas. 


  • Evaluate if you want to make an impact locally or globally.


Worldwide many donors desire to make a difference in their immediate community while simultaneously having a worldwide impact. Many people prefer donating to a local charity because they believe their money will significantly impact a smaller organization. Looking at groups who need more marketing budget to expand their reach can be a terrific way to support them. 


  • Be Discerning When it Comes to Charities:


It is always unsafe to give money to someone over the phone. In most circumstances, you need to find out if the charity is authentic. Sometimes telemarketers phoning on behalf of charities are for-profit companies that keep a portion of your money. Instead, consider working for charity, doing research, reading blogs, and following social media from organizations to learn more about their effect and issues.



  • Evaluate Impact and Effectiveness:

When selecting a charity, assessing its efficacy in tackling the issues at hand is critical. Look for companies with a clear mission and measurable objectives. Examine their yearly reports, impact statements, and success stories to determine their quantifiable outcomes. Consider how many individuals were contacted, what programs were undertaken, and how the organization brought positive change.


  • Financial Transparency and Accountability:


Transparency is an essential part of any reputable organization. Look for organizations that provide financial information, such as funding sources, administrative expenditures, and program expenses. Ensure that most of their funds get directly to their programs and beneficiaries. Transparency enables you to make educated decisions.



The Benefits of Giving


Performing random acts of kindness makes us feel "good on the inside." However, donating to charities and organizations can benefit both business and personal well-being. Research reveals that giving makes us happy as individuals, teams, and businesses. Supporting charity can improve engagement, morale, and teamwork. It can also have a major and strategic impact on how clients and the general public perceive your firm.