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  Your Time Is Valuable

We specialize in working with physicians that know their time is valuable and want to work with a professional that understands the intricacies of their situation. Let us examine your financial plan to make sure you’re making sound decisions today and in the future.

  Unlike Any Other Financial Firm

Chances are, you’ve never seen a financial firm like ours. Our Family Office offers far more services and goes into much more detail than financial advisors. We provide many services to our families, including estate planning, asset protection, tax mitigation, and charitable giving strategies. We work with a select few affluent families and become their Personal CFO.

Chief Financial Officer Services for Physicians

Is your financial puzzle complete?

You face a lot of financial concerns in your day-to-day life, from saving for retirement to protecting your family and your business. All these financial puzzle pieces have to fit together otherwise, your financial strategy won’t be unified. But who is working with you to put in the time necessary to answer all of these questions and coordinate and implement strategies related to your financial life? If you don’t have an answer, the answer is you! That means that in addition to being a successful physician, you now also have to be a finance expert. 

Let our Family Office help with that. We will put all the financial planning puzzle pieces in their proper place to do our best to ensure that everything fits. No more guessing about whether or not it will all come together, just confidence that you’re in good hands—because we can see the big picture.


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How We Help You

Taxation for Physicians

Taxes are one of the most significant expenses you will face as a physician. We assist you in taking advantage of all relevant tax credits and deductions.

Estate Planning for Physicians in PA

Physicians, after years of working, have very complex estate plans, more than the majority of people from other professions. As your CFO, we help you achieve your desires and pass on your legacy.

Retirement Advisory

Your virtual CFO ensures you are mentally and financially prepared for the journey into a meaningful, happy retirement.

Customer Reviews

Derrick explained to me that he takes all the information that he requests and spends a lot of time looking it over. He then came back to me with recommendations to reduce my expenses and my taxes. Nobody has ever taken the time to review my situation like that before.

M.R. Invasive Cardiologist


Due to the very few families that Derrick advises, he is able to give me the time I need to get into the weeds of our family's affluence, which no other advisor has ever done. He found holes in our situation and had recommendations to help address the issues he discovered.

J.S. C-Level executive


Handwerk Consulting team was able to use their network of high-level advisors and help me set up the correct corporate entity and manage the process with the attorney so it was very easy for me.

G.L. Neurologist


Derrick was able to look at my entire financial picture and give me a realistic opinion of the possibility of me running out of money in retirement.

J.F. Entrepreneur


As a physician, unjustly losing my assets is a concern. Derrick was able to incorporate asset protection into my situation, which did not cost me any money.

A.L. Orthopedic Surgeon


Derrick looks at my situation and is proactive with planning on possibilities that happen in the future. Also, whenever I call, he picks up his cell phone and answers my questions.

E.H. Owner of Cosmetic Clinic


Derrick worked with my accountant to find assets which I could put in a donor-advised fund, while my accountant would not have taken the extra time or initiative to investigate my alternatives.

M.L. Lawyer


Derrick has given me better service and advice than the family office I worked with previously, and they charged triple of what Derrick charges.

P.R. Physician private practice


Derrick only works with families like mine. He has a lot of knowledge on how to work with affluent families and find ways to improve our financial situation.

N.G. Family Private Practice


Meet Derrick Handwerk

Derrick has owned, managed, and consulted for privately held businesses for over 25 years. He received his MBA from Lehigh University in Bethlehem, PA, and was nominated as a Martindale Business Scholar.

He has also been certified as a Certified Wealth Strategist®. The CWS® training focuses specifically on real-world strategies for the affluent.

His certification in Wealth Preservation and Asset Protection is from the Wealth Preservation Institute. 

  • Master-level program focused on the needs of affluent families.

In addition to frequent television appearances, Derrick has written over 100 articles and been featured in a number of publications, including The Wall Street Journal, Reuters, MarketWatch, Yahoo!, and various business journals.

About Us

Advanced Planning

Advanced planning for physicians is essential for a successful financial life. Our team understands your needs and plans, and then develops a strategy to help pursue your retirement and financial security. We know that as a physician you want more than just money management. You want a true solution to have peace and confidence related to your financial status. Reach out to our team to find out more.


Resiliency Plan


Strategy Development


Innovative Solutions

The Future of Money


Blockchain Is More Than Just Crypto


Better Understanding of the Evolving Digital Economy

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How are you preparing for uncertainty?

If you are holding, planning to hold, or otherwise hedge your financial position with cryptocurrency, or need help understanding how crypto fits into your financial plan, we are here to help. 

We provide filling, compliance, accounting, and taxation help in regards to cryptocurrency.

Learning about cryptocurrency can be complex. That's why we are here to help you answer all your questions. 

Consulting for the affluent

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A Discussion of Cryptocurrency and Blockchain

Most people believe Bitcoin represents cryptocurrency. With each passing day, Bitcoin’s influence in utility diminishes vs. the other ALT coins.
If you would like to know more about crypto, give us a call.

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