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We help affluent families and individules like yous maximize the impact of their social responsibility, philanthropy and charitable giving activities with tax credits and matching grants.

We help you avoid taxation of assets along with receiving charitable deductions.

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About Us

Why is giving to charity vital to us?

We’ve received help when we’ve needed it the most. Giving to charity is now our form of repaying what has been so generously provided to us. 

Every year, we pledge a significant amount of gross income to charity. Supporting causes that matter to us, like bringing safe water to people in need and helping


Causes We Support

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– Working in 29 countries

– Water projects funded 78,350

– People will be served 13,086,400




There are 2 billion individuals who do not have access to basic sanitation and More than 800 children under the age of five die every day. 






Discover more about Heroes here. 


– 214 Fallen Heroes

– 255 Dependents left behind

– 153 Families helped

HEROES® provides financial assistance for legal, funeral, and other immediate expenses to help these grieving families overcome their new financial hardships. 

Derrick’s father was a policeman, because of his sacrifice while on duty , the Hero Scholarship program was formed and Derrick was the first recipient.


HEROES’® scholarship program gives these children the chance to realize their dream of earning a college degree. The program pays for tuition, room and board, books, supplies, and any incidental costs.



 Philanthropic Advisory Services    

 Philanthropy is a hugely varied and complicated area. Philanthropic advisors are well-versed in the many donation vehicles, methods, and rewards that can make charitable giving enjoyable and fulfilling.

 How Can We Help You?


1. We Help in designing your giving plan  

We will assist donors in defining their principles, purpose, and objectives. We’ll pay attention to donors’ charitable desires and goals, then collaborate with them to log and identify a strategy that fits their requirements. 

2.We evaluate the impact of donor grants

 We will assist results-oriented donors in determining if their contributions result in the desired outcomes.

We will also assist clients in focusing on the causes and topics that matter most to them and assisting in creating a personalized, constructive donation strategy.

“When I was four, my dad (a policeman) died in a shooting because of a robbery with a hostage. My mom, now a widow with no education, worked really hard many years to sustain a family with two kids. Due to this situation, I know what it is like to be poor.

Fortunately, I was the first dependent of a fallen policeman in Washington D.C. to be granted a scholarship by the Heroes foundation. I knew that without college it would be tough to have a better life.

I’m grateful for everything that I have.I don’t take my education, or my family or my affluence for granted. That’s why my work is focused on giving back to others, to make clients’ families reach their life goals.”

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